Presence for Christmas (P4C) is a movement.
The simple message: No amount of PRESENTS surpasses the gift of your PRESENCE.
This year give PRESENCE for Christmas!

P4C began in 2010 as a "four week journey into the heart of Christmas" during Advent, marked by weekly gatherings comprised of uplifting story, song and prayer. Each week individuals and families brought their "prayer candle" and placed it at the Burning Bush, which collectively illuminates Jesus Christ in Exposition.

P4C 2011 expanded to the inclusion of inspiring stories by leaders of community non-profit leaders - financially aiding the homeless, pregnant women, disabled and refugees.

LOOKING A YEAR AHEAD - P4C 2013 we're inviting you to join us in a simple, but impactful messaging campaign: "This year give PRESENCE for Christmas." The simple idea isn't to disregard presents, but to acknowledge that the greatest  gifts we can give one another is the gift of our time, attention, interest... our presence. We would like to see this on billboards, corresponding radio / TV messages, and social media. In addition, we are creating a booklet we'd like to give away- to unite families in doing two, simple things during Advent: talk and pray.

Please GO HERE to find out more and give.

Image Trinity is a movement of families. Our identity and mission is simply this: You Image the Trinity! (Get IT?)  We invite you to partner with us. Read more about our mission

To advance this movement, we depend entirely upon your generosity of prayers, involvement, and financial support (to the left). Thank you.

If you are interested in an Image Trinity event in your parish or community, please contact us: