LIGHT ONE LIGHT: Rick James Family

UPDATE 1: November 28
Advent Blessings! | Please read this story...

After the devastation of hurricane Sandy I called friends at Grassroots Films in NYC (behind Fishers of Men, The Human Experience, and newly released, Child 31)... inquiring if they knew of any family we all might "adopt."

Chuck Kinnane, a producer for Grassroots Films, had already made numerous trips to Rockaway to aid families in need. He shared one story of great need in particular and asked for our help.

Rick James is a young man with a young wife and child. They lost everything, including his capacity to sustain his family. He was self-employed. They have absolutely nothing to fall back upon.

If that's not tragic enough, he discovered he has cancer. No insurance. Right now they're living in a hotel room, surviving day to day on the generosity of others. Their daughter is with other family while they try to put the pieces back together.

I'll have more on that story later, but am so delighted that as a community we have a family we can concretely help. This year we are devoting all our donations from Presence for Christmas to the James family. They are our singular cause.

Along with our commitment to pray, would you please consider joining us? Truly- no amount is too small or too great. All donations are tax-deductible.

RAISED SO FAR: $3500 | December 22

PresenceForChristmas.comPlease take a moment to share this. Repost on Facebook. Forward by email. Amidst many shadows in the world, together let's light one, bright light.

Chuck will keep us updated on the status of the family. I will keep you updated on the amount we raise for them.

Have a blessed Advent.

Greg Schlueter
Executive Director, Image Trinity